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No project is too big or too small for us.

Our objective is the holistic support of our customers in accordance with their requirements and above and beyond this. We are large enough to offer all transport solutions competition-compliant and tailor-made and personal enough to make quick decisions at all times and to provide the highest degree of flexibility. With time flying ever faster and in the age of digitalization, we still maintain direct contact with our customers and support them with experience and farsightedness in the challenging world of logistics.

More than just a forwarding company

We organize your global flow of goods. Completely regardless of whether groupage (national and international), scheduled or express shipment, full and part load transport, heavy or special transport or as air or sea freight - we find the best way for your international transport. We provide the suitable vehicles, know-how and necessary resources. Our warehousing concept is impressive - several thousand square metres of storage space are available for the security and storage of your goods: temperature controlled, video monitored and, above all, protected by alarms. We leave nothing to chance! In addition, you also benefit from the strict access control at Vienna's Schwechat Airport.

SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR Speditions-Partner GmbH was established in 2005 by the Schneider und Peklar families, active in the forwarding industry for generations.

SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR is an Austrian owner-managed and financially strong company that works exclusively with own capital.

The company is headed by Peter Schneider and Valentin H. Peklar (Master's Degree)

With the aid of the most up-to-date IT technology, SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR is always personally available for its customers and partners and can be easily and simply reached at all times.

This enables quick reaction and the highly valued flexibility that has been jointly decisive for our success since the beginning of the company history.

The company stands for a modern, financially sound forwarding agency that supports its customers holistically and to their fullest satisfaction.
Schneider + Peklar has been GDP and TAPA certified since 2017 and has a temperature-controlled warehouse at the Vienna-Schwechat airport. At the end of 2020 the company was successfully certified according to IFS Logistics

With Lisa Schneider, the next generation is already motivated and fully customer-oriented working for the company, so that the story of SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR continues in the interests of our customers.

Logistics means much more than just the organization of transport. With the experience of a three-generation successful forwarding company, we at SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR Speditions-Partner GmbH use our widely spread networks to develop the respective optimum transport and warehouse logistics solution. Always following our creed "Logistics for a better life", we stress exclusively the very best quality as our trademark. With this in mind, we develop for our customers innovative logistics solutions that, quite naturally, satisfy the premises of punctuality and reliability.

From Person to Person
As a family business, within our teams and, above all, also in the cooperation with our long-standing customers, we value the honesty, trustworthiness and open communication that bind us together. Therefore, we are committed to team-oriented cooperation with our customers and partners in which everyone takes the responsibility for his or her area of activity, In this way, we can optimally exploit synergies and further develop our strengths in logistics, warehousing and transport. Already today we are taking care of that which ensures success tomorrow. And in doing so, the satisfaction of our customers is our strongest driver.

Central Association for Freight Forwarding and Logistics

IATA – International Air Transport Association

FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders' Associations

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SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR stands for quality and efficiency on the road.

What successfully started at the end of the 70s with group shipments from Italy is today the daily road transport keeping pace with the times.

We provide daily group shipments between the most important European industrial centres and guarantee a flexible, customer-oriented service. The success of our services lies in the personal support of our customers. We know our customers and our customers know us. Our full and part load transport is provided by a multilingual team that takes care of your transport needs far beyond that which is usual in the industry. Always to act in the best interests of our customers holds true for all shipments processed by SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR. We work for you personally, quickly, flexibly and totally efficiently.

  • International Groupage Transport
  • Full and part load transport from / to every destination in Europe / CIS / Middle East
  • GPS satellite communication
  • 2-driver crews (if required)
  • Dangerous goods in accordance with ADR are accepted

Our global partner network enables solutions adapted to your special requirements. For many years and with the greatest of care, we have been transporting globally the products of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and the automotive and high-tech industries and in doing so, time and again develop individual customer solutions for all types of goods.

We undertake guarantees for your shipments, from the consultation right up to the execution. At all times we are not only well prepared but also proactively ensure that you feel completely professionally cared for. We have experience with temperature controlled transport as well as dangerous goods of all classes. Our team is available to you around the clock with a special service for time-critical shipments. In doing so, personal involvement right up to the delivery of your products, taking into account different time zones, goes without saying. On request, we take care of all customs formalities and deal with transport insurance cover.

  • Accredited IATA Air Freight Agent
  • Qualified personnel with many years of experience in processing pharmaceutical shipments, time-critical shipments and dangerous goods.
  • Qualified and validated packaging solutions for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments - dry ice always available.
  • Shipments bookable as IATA direct, groupage loads, full or part charter.
  • Special conditions with numerous reputable airlines.
  • Customs clearance of the freight prior to arrival through EDI transfer of the shipment data.
  • Online reports in individual data depths possible via the internet.
  • Online tracking / tracing along the entire transport chain and across all modes of transport.

We safely and punctually organize your sea freight from and in every continent in the world. Our network guarantees safe cargo space for your goods - even in challenging times. We provide the best conditions throughout the whole world for your sea freight. Whether normal, temperature-controlled or by means of special equipment for oversized cargo - our experienced team makes your shipment possible. We provide FCL, occasional or for larger volumes, as well as the optimum solution for your LCL shipments. If desired, our specialists support you in the choice of the correct packaging and, naturally, also it available if requested. On request, we take care of all customs formalities and deal with transport insurance.

  • FCL - Full Container Load Service
  • LCL - Less than Full Container Load Service
  • SEA/AIR-SERVICE - a Combination of Sea and Air Freight Transport

In freight transport there is no single solution that fully satisfies all the requirements. In our multimodal supply chain, therefore, we combine the unique environmental benefits of goods trains with the flexibility of lorries and thereby also reach the most remote corners of Europe. Hence, we provide you with the comfort of house-to-house transport, even if you do not have your own railway sidings. We provide pure rail freight as well as innovative multimodal solutions that are tailor-made focused on the needs of our customers. We provide our customers with a wide range of multimodal solutions - from classical rail forwarding right up to the combination of various transport modes. From heavy goods to high-value goods, from north to south or from east to west, from normal widths up to over widths, from the port to the railway station, with semi-trailer or trailer, from China to Europe or vice versa - we are always underway for you with the most economically advantageous solution. Our experienced multi-lingual team is especially well equipped for all challenges in the CIS region.

We guarantee the fulfilment of highly specialized requirements with the highest level of quality and flexibility. The prerequisites for this are our experienced specialist personnel and seamlessly interconnected processes. We have international experience of the organization of complex projects. Especially with special, heavy and project transport, the careful choice of the partner is of particular importance. Our team is always personally available for you around the clock for these challenges.

  • Transport advice regarding weight and dimensions
  • From / to the whole of Europe / CIS / Middle East
  • Route planning and obtaining any possible special permits
  • Worldwide project experience

Our specialists can be reached around the clock via for time-critical shipments - seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our many years of experience in this area and our ever expanding network guarantee that within a few minutes we find tailor-made solutions for your global transport requirements.

  • Money-back guarantee for exceeded delivery times
  • Dangerous goods solutions
  • We provide flexible industry solutions for your dangerous goods in all areas of logistics. On request, we will make the Dangerous Goods Officer available to you.
  • Road transport in accordance with ADR - specialists in particular for Class 1 and Class 7
  • Sea freight - dangerous goods in accordance with the IMDG Code
  • Air freight - dangerous goods in accordance with the IATA DGR

We provide flexible industry solutions for your dangerous goods in all areas of logistics. On request, we will make the Dangerous Goods Officer available to you.

  • Road transport in accordance with ADR - specialists in particular for Class 1 and Class 7
  • Sea freight - dangerous goods in accordance with the IMDG Code
  • Air freight - dangerous goods in accordance with the IATA DGR

We provide specialized logistics solutions and warehousing facilities for the requirements of various industries. We provide refrigerated and te+B66:B82mperature-controlled storage facilities with different temperature zones especially for pharmaceutical and medicinal products. We work GDP certified. We meet the requirements of high-tech and electronic goods with low dust, alarm protected and video monitored storage facilities and extensive security concepts.


SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR is the ideal partner for the aerospace industry and its unique requirements and needs. Our specialists have many years of experience with the processing of international transport and have developed a partner network that guarantees the optimum global support of this industry. Regardless of whether an aircraft needs an urgent spare part or the goods to be delivered require special documentation, SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR is in a position to act quickly and efficiently for you with short decision-making paths and the ability to think laterally. Complex industries and individual logistics solutions are our passion. We provide you with the optimum. A number of well-known companies as well as start-ups from this industry place their trust exclusively in our services.

The recipe for success in our logistics solutions lies with our experienced team of specialists. It is not enough for us that we are available for you around the clock, but in fact we also guarantee that our network is available to us at all times, in all time zones, and at the ready with solutions. We combine the strength of an owner-managed company with the philosophy of personally overseeing your requirements. In doing so, it does not matter if the shipments are to be organized by rail, by road or via sea and air freight. With SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR, you have a reliable partner at your side that sets the same high quality standards as you yourself.

With considerable certainty, the most challenging sector in the world of logistics. With our quality standards, that extend far beyond the statutory regulations and guidelines, we have created the best conditions for your shipments. For these, sometimes vital, we ensure that time- and temperature-critical medicinal products safely and quickly reach their destination. In the process, we guarantee the integrity of sensitive products through special treatment and monitoring services under the strict GDP regulations. We respond flexibly to the requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as to those of the manufacturers of medical equipment. Here, reliability is an inevitable requirement. SCHNEIDER + PEKLAR and its international network of certified pharmaceutical and healthcare specialists ensure, by means of special treatment and monitoring procedures, seamless shipment tracking, unbroken cold chains and compliance with all the statutory regulations. Naturally, we are GDP certified.

We optimize and manage high-tech and electronics supply chains in order to continuously support our customers with ever faster and more frequent product introductions and to enable them a higher degree of flexibility that is necessary for competitiveness in this market. Our experts reliably ensure exactly this with the highest level of commitment. We provide a wide variety of logistics services in order to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers of consumer electronics, contract manufacturers (ODMs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMS) as well as network equipment providers (NEPs).

Our solutions include procurement, distribution, reverse and spare parts logistics as well as inventory services with the involvement of the suppliers (VMI), storage and issuing, installation and assembly, quality monitoring, returns management, exchange and repair and a large number of other value-added services. Thanks to the many years' experience and cooperation with leading international electronics suppliers and manufacturers, we have tried and tested procedures for all the processes along the supply chain. You benefit from lower inventory and distribution costs while we satisfy the strictest of quality standards and achieve an excellent time to market.
Our services for companies in the semiconductor and solar power industries cover all the specific requirements of the logistics: from classic transport to an optimized value-added chain with spare parts, after-sales services as well as packaging and quality controls.

  • Equipment Logistics
  • Spare Parts Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance in the Supply Chain
  • Value-added Services



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